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Education and Engagement Heading
Education and Engagement Heading


This smash hit Broadway production and prequel to Peter Pan is the Australian premiere offering for high school students and teachers in 2024 and 2025. With an extensive Education Resource available and a range of Education and Engagement activities for teachers and students to accompany the live performance, don’t miss this unique theatre production and discover the untold story of Neverland.
Education and Engagement Image
Image above taken during Peter and the Starcatcher Creative Development in October 2023 with rehearsal cast.

Schools tickets

School tickets price: $59.90 plus venue transaction fees.

School tickets are strictly limited per performance, so book today to avoid missing out.

How to book a live performance


Canberra Theatre Centre – From 15 October 2024


Arts Centre Melbourne – From 8 November 2024


Adelaide Festival Centre – From 9 January 2025

This season falls during the school holidays, however do explore our other engagement activities for teachers and students.


Capitol Theatre, Sydney – From 31 January 2025


Queensland Performing Arts Centre – From 14 March 2025

Education resource

Download the fantastic, free digital education resource for Peter and the Starcatcher. This is an extensive resource for teachers and students and pairs beautifully with seeing the live performance.

Engagement Activities
Engagement Activities Mobile

Alongside the live performance, Dead Puppet Society is offering a range of education and engagement activities. If you are interested in booking one of the below activities, please contact us.

These experiences can be paired with an in-theatre experience as part of the 2024 and 2025 national tour, or offered as an in-school or artist in residence style incursion.
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Workshop For Schools
Workshop For Schools

Of Starstuff – visual theatre workshop

A specialised visual theatre workshop for grade 9 to 12 school students, which offers insight into how the production was created utilising techniques from Dead Puppet Society’s suite of visual theatre training methodologies.

  • Participants will recreate selected excerpts from the script using exact replicas of the props and set pieces used in the production, and work to create a short ensemble driven performance.
  • Students will also experiment with the creation of foley sounds for the stage and take a crash course in live sound effect generation using simple handheld props and found objects.

Workshop duration: This workshop can run for 90 minutes or up to three hours depending on available time.

Group size: Up to 25 students.

Space requirements: A large open drama room type space that can be darkened.
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Workshop For Teachers
Workshop For Teachers

Teacher Professional Development Masterclass

This masterclass is designed to give teachers support with integrating Peter and the Starcatcher into their work programs, as well as offer hands-on training in puppetry, manipulation techniques, and building visual theatre within the classroom.

Teachers will receive a lesson plan and glossary of terms, and walk away with a classroom ready approach to teaching the following styles and conventions:

  • Introduction to puppetry and manipulation
  • Devising for visual theatre
  • Translation of text, from page to stage
  • Generating abstract image
  • Ensemble performance
  • Integrating technology and handheld lighting
  • Foley and soundscape creation

Workshop duration: This workshop can run for three hours to a full day depending on available time.

Group size: Between 10 and 25 participants.

Space requirements: A large open drama room type space that can be darkened.

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Workshop For Artists
Workshop For Artists

Artist Masterclass

With a focus on Peter and the Starcatcher, Dead Puppet Society is hoping to offer a masterclass aimed at artists of all ages and all stages of practice in each touring city. The masterclass will introduce artists to Dead Puppet Society’s methods for creating, devising, and rehearsing contemporary design-led theatre.

  • Participants will cover Dead Puppet Society’s principles of manipulation, and build short works using objects and puppet creatures.


  • Artists will be mentored through the making of scenes utilising ensemble performance techniques, hand operated lighting, exquisite worldbuilding, and foley sounds.

Workshop duration: This workshop can run for between three hours to a full day depending on available time.

Expressions of interest: If you are interested in news about our Artist Masterclass offerings, please email us your expression of interest and we’ll be in touch once dates are finalised.

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Workshop Dates & Bookings
Workshop Dates & Bookings

If you are a teacher or school interested in booking an incursion or teacher professional development masterclass, the dates available during the national tour are as follows:

Canberra 2024
Week 2 of Term 4:
Monday 21st October to Saturday 26th October 2024

Melbourne 2024
Week 5 of Term 4:
Monday 11th November to Saturday 16th November 2024

Adelaide 2025
A school holiday program in the second week of the season:
13th January to Saturday 18th January 2025

Sydney 2025
Week 3 of Term 1:
Monday 10th February to Saturday 15th February 2025

Brisbane 2025
Week 7 of Term 1:
Whole season from Friday 14th March to Saturday 12th April 2025